Designing a ceiling robot arm that duals as a pre-existing patient lift and actively actuating robot arm

Ceiling Robot Arm

With use of Tobii, the eye tracker, research is conducted to find the workload on health care personels to program IVSP

IVSP workload tracking with Eyetracking

Stretch from HelloRobot was used to test the feasibility on assistive robot in nursing field.

Nursing Robotics Collaboration

Build Complete CNC with Grbl CNC control. Overall Structure is made with Reinforced Still for an axis and Aluminum profile for the other. Two NEMA 17 Steppers are designated to work as an actuator. Timing belts are used to allow a linear motion. The Precision was calibrated at the end-stage, by recalculating the targetted distance and actual distance. The laser uses 9V voltage with TTL switching. Instead of using the signal for a spindle, the same signal is used to work for the intensity control.

Laser Engraving CNC

Design of a personalized information panel that partially transparent glass filters out the backgrounds and shows only the needed information. To personalize the system, a webcam takes pictures where the image is processed for recognizing known alias. The client-side Raspberry Pi displays a UI website whilst detecting faces to be analyzed in the server-side Raspberry Pi. The Server-side has an array of Raspberry-Pis that takes in charge of investigating and train faces. Python dlib module was used for face recognition. To distribute and ease the strain on a single Raspberry Pi, parallel programming that controls 8 Raspberry Pi through MPICH.

Smart Mirror

The technology has been used in automotive manufacturing since the 80's. The robotic arm is a perfect segue way from theoretical to practical application.

Robot Arm: SCARA

Leap Motion, an Infrared stereoscopic hand motion detector used in VR systems, can extract hand/bone position using two inferred cameras. Positions generated by the system are sent serially to the Arduino Arduino then convert its position to the corresponding angle of the servo motor. Fingers are tethered with hamstring wire(Low elastic, fishline like wire) to enduce movement.

Robotic Hand : Derived by Leap Motion

Using carbon as a heating element allows to exude enough heat while being absent from high entering current. Such characteristic interests many researchers in making carbon compound heating elements through combining carbon-ceramic and carbon-polymer. It’s micro controllability that induces PTC effect using the simplest control system benefits greatly as heating elements. The carbon laboratory of Jeonju university has newly created carbon mesh as a heating element which is highly cost-efficient. PID controller was used to controlling a regulated ac power source used in carbon mesh.

Carbon Mesh Heating Element

Fourth Industrial Revolution is a newly coined word that agitates many future job seekers in fright. A concern has arisen that the machine would overtake more and more human jobs in the future, and thus speculated that it is not only possible but inevitable. The industry in which associated with robotics has increased its sales by 16%. Higher demand is foreseeable in the future; thus, skilled in the field would benefit industry.


Object Detection in robot STRETCH(Hello Robot) is implemented using YOLO5 with custom trained data. The robot is aimed to discern their inventory autonomously and refill if needed.

Object Detection

Snake game based on pygame, the game is trained to be played autonomousely with Q-Learning RL methods

RL based on Q learning

Sekeleton tracking is implemented as ROS node with use of MediaPipe, a google made fast skeletracking pipeline, in order for robot to discern the intension that a human is making.

Skeleton Tracking Imposed in ROS

8 Node 1 Master MPI cluster is formed to experdite the learning process using raspberry pi. The display duals as master as well as system overview.


In order to overcome contactless society, old discarded phones can be re-used as a check-in methods. In the search of utilizing such out-dated phones, a way to revitalize such phones is proposed. An application is made that reads barcode / QR codes that many schools use as a mobile student ID. The read information is logged on to designated Google spreadsheet, where an administrator can set using google account. An advantage of using this check-in system is that there aren’t any maintaining costs. Furthermore, there is no need for wasting manpower to make statistics.

Bricolage : Smart-Check in System

Open CV project that analysis the natural human hand posture using blob detection and open cv. The correct ratio and the direction data is accumulated with the print out scale on a chopstick. It is assumed that the data accumulated using a colored marker has better accuracy then the AI detacted version(Leap motion or CV alternatives).

Motion capture Using CV2

Raspberry Pi based home security system. Website can controlled.

Home Security System